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Tavros’ daggerlance from Homestuck.

CrashingTokyo made a Pupa Pan cosplay a short while ago, so I made this to go with it for her birthday.

The handle is from a wiffle bat while the lance itself is cardstock with fun-noodle foam and a plastic bucket inside for support. I added an iron nail in the handle to help counter-balance it and make it easier to handle then I sanded and painted the entire thing with spraypaint and acrylic then finished it up with several coats of lacquer.

Daggerlance & Homestuck © Andrew Hussie

My next traditional/digital sketch. Referenced a stock pose from dA just in time for Thigh-high Thursday. |D

Also, folding chairs are a bitch to draw and I hate them.

Here’s a sorta series I’m starting.

Due to scheduling stupidity, I have to take Drawing I in the last year of my degree. Needless to say, it’s incredibly boring. So, what I’m going to do is take all my sketches from class and work some digital element (likely Homestuck related) in so I’ll at least get practice in an area I enjoy.

So, this first one is from a couple sketches of an egg wrapped in a paper towel. Put Terezi’s lusus in the egg and then roughly rendered the towel around it. The towels were done using only the dodge and burn tools because I’m a horrible person.

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